The City of Ottawa’s Infrastructure Services Department has released a report on how the city dealt with the storm sewer collapse on Highway 174 last September.

The report says the city is following through with a list of recommendations made by an independent review.

“The city is committed to do everything in its power to protect public safety,” said Councillor Maria McRae, Chair of the Environment Committee. “I’m pleased to see that progress has already been made since our technical briefing in December and I look forward to hearing more the city’s work this file in the future.”

The recommendations include increased inspection protocols in the event a pipe needs immediate repair or the stabilization of pipes during repairs. These recommendations are a part of the city’s new Comprehensive Asset Management Program which was passed by council last October. The review also recommended extra measures to improve the city’s inventory data, namely with sewers.

“The city recognizes the seriousness of the sinkhole event and is fully committed to continuing to strengthen the city’s asset management program,” said City Manager Ken Kirkpatrick.

The report also suggests more engagement between municipal and provincial governments about implementing minimum inspection requirements for critical sewers.

The report will be brought forward to the city’s environment committee on Jan. 15.

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