Further to my late August update about the Airport Parkway Pedestrian/Cycling Bridge and in keeping with the time frame mentioned in that update, the following work was completed:

  • Cables were installed and tensioned;
  • Wearing surface was completed;
  • All temporary supports were removed;
  • Railing was completed;
  • Asphalt pathway under the bridge was completed;
  • Electrical work was completed and the LED lighting test was successfully done;
  • Dampers were installed, live vibration testing was done and tune-up was completed.

Prior to the opening of the bridge, the following items remain outstanding and are anticipated to be completed by the end of the week of November 24, 2014:

  • Installation of damper covers;
  • Repairing of railing deficiencies;
  • Site clean-up and final ground grading;
  • Commissioning for final engineering sign-off is ongoing;
  • Removal of traffic restrictions.

To celebrate the opening of the Airport Parkway Pedestrian/Cycling Bridge, you and your family and neighbours are cordially invited to join me and Mayor Jim Watson at an official opening ceremony.  Event details are as follows:

Date:               Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time:              3 p.m.

Place:              West side of the bridge

Following the ceremony, please join us for hot refreshments provided by the Tim Hortons/Rogers TV Community Cruiser.

Parking is available on Cahill Drive West, Plante Drive and other local streets. There is no access from the Airport Parkway. As this is an outdoor event, please dress weather appropriate.

The Airport Parkway Pedestrian/Cycling Bridge connects the Hunt Club community to recreational pathways in River Ward, including the Sawmill Creek Pedestrian/Cycling pathway.  It serves as a direct link to the South Keys Transit station, the South Keys shopping/employment area and to pathways leading to the O-Train and other transit stations.  The bridge will serve as a gateway to the Nation’s Capital and is a key feature of Ottawa’s pedestrian and cycling network, and will be maintained year-round.

Thank you for your patience throughout the construction of this project.

I look forward to seeing you, your family, and your neighbours.

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