It was enjoyable to see Daniel Alfredsson sign a ceremonial one-day contract with the Ottawa Senators today.  It will seem like old times when our Captain takes to the ice during warmups for one magical last skate before he retires.

A few years ago I hosted a fundraiser in support of the Do It For Daron initiative and Daniel stopped by to say thank you to our guests.  He was gracious, engaging and funny, and took the time to pose for every photo and sign every autograph.  Daniel also spoke about his personal experiences with mental health issues in his family.

His openness about mental health has allowed us to begin and continue our own conversations with friends and loved ones about this important topic.  He has also helped the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health raise significant resources, which support patient care and research.

Thank you Alfie for everything that you have contributed to Ottawa.  Welcome home.

Alfie Collage